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About Quanzhou City

Our hometown Quanzhou was founded in 718, the sixth year of Kaiyuan in the Tang Dynasty, with other names "Coraltree City", "Carp City" and Wenling. Located on the lower reaches of the Jin River in the southeast of Fujian by the sea, it is a time-honored city of civilization and a famous hometown for numerous overseas Chinese and Taiwan compatriots. From old Quanzhou Frefecture to today's Quanzhou City, it has always been a political, economic and cultural centre of the Jin River basin. The present city administrates Jinjiang, Nanan, Huian, Anxi, Yongchun and Dehua, covering an area of 10,865 km2, with 5,200,000 populations. In recent years, Yezu seeking to relatives, Quanzhou tourism, business investment, the overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, mid increasing villagers enthusiasm for construction of native place, the economic and social development in Quanzhou plays an active role.


Quanzhou is the "Maritime Silk Road" point of origin, is a long history of the civilized city and well endowed with beautiful scenery and natural resources, and is distinctive for its ancient and unsophisticated custom. The historic sites enjoying a long history of reputation include the East and Weat Pagodas at the Kaiyuan Temple, the He Zuo's Tomb at the Qingjing Mosque, Stone Old Saint, and ruins of Manichaean church, Luoyang Bridge and Five-Mile Bridge, among the two hundreds attractions. The native products such as Tieguanyin Tea, Dehua porcelain and Huian stone carving have long been sought after for their high quality and fame. The ancient Southern Music, Gaojia Opera and Liyuan Opera, like the melodious local dialect flavor of Jin and Tang Dynasties. It is this witnesses the proud history of Quanzhou!

(Stone Old Saint on Quanzhou Qingyuan Mountain)

Quanzhou textile industry, already formed construction, building materials, food &beverage manufacturing processes, machinery manufacturing, and five traditional industries, and are trying to cultivate petrochemical industry, electronic industry, tourism information three leading industries, etc.

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