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How to Find Angell Fashion Co.,Ltd

Thanks for customers’ attention to us! Angell Fashion Co.,Ltd is an industry and trade integration enterprise, which is located in Fujian, Quanzhou. We are near the Liming Vocational University, which is very convenient for you to visit. You can also visit our production process, sample room, and directly inspect the order process. Next I will tell you how to get here.
First of all, about the route by plane.

Please look at the map below.

When you want to come and visit us, you can take a plane to Xiamen airport or Jinjiang airport. It takes about one and a half hours from Xiamen airport to our company by vehicle while Jinjiang airport takes probably half an hour. If you have cut the deal with our manager, we will arrange some people to meet you at the airport.

Second, about the hotel for you to check in.

You can stay here Quanzhou Yeohwa Hotel, their website: (five Star). 
It is the main hotel where most foreign merchants would choose to stay. It is equipped with waiters who master various national languages.
Third, about the briefly introduce of our city.
Quanzhou is a light-industry-developed city, especially the clothing manufacturing. Many of China's famous sports shoes brands and menswear brands are from here. Quanzhou has become the famous national clothing manufacturing station.The fabric market scale of Quanzhou is second only to Guangzhou, which is China's second largest fabric station. What’s more, our overall living cost is far below that in Guangzhou, so our products have good price advantage.

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